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    Below is a brief list of all features which the Follow Up Mailing List Processor contains.

    [b:booc3ed5]Mailing List Management[/b:booc3ed5]
    The Follow Up Mailing Processor allows very easy and powerful management of your mailing lists. An extremely easy-to-use interface has been created which allows you to add, edit, delete and view entries of your mailing lists. You can also easily search and browse the mailing lists. The script can easily support the huge mailing lists (tested with 300.000 subscribers), without problems.

    [b:booc3ed5]Managing List Entries[/b:booc3ed5]
    Managing mailing lists with the Follow Up Mailing Processor has been made very easy. You can easily edit, delete or view and entry in your mailing list by the e-mail address of an entry. You can easily search your entire mailing list for the necessary entry.

    [b:booc3ed5]Subscribe Confirmation Message[/b:booc3ed5]
    If wanted, you can also define a subscribe confirmation message for every mailing list. If that message has been set, every time someone subscribes to the mailing list, whether it be through the auto responder or subscribe HTML form, the script will automatically send them the welcome message.

    [b:booc3ed5]E-Mail Duplication Check[/b:booc3ed5]
    Every time someone subscribes to a mailing list, the script will first check to make sure that e-mail address is not yet in the mailing list. If it is, the script will not add the subscriber to the mailing list, for the second time.

    [b:booc3ed5]Auto Responders[/b:booc3ed5]
    You can easily create auto responders which may be attached to your mailing lists. Then every time someone sends an e- mail message to your auto responder, the script will automatically send an auto-reply, add the sender to the mailing list and begin follow ups on them.

    [b:booc3ed5]Multiple Auto Responders[/b:booc3ed5]
    You can create multiple auto responders. Each auto responder you create can be assigned to a different mailing list.

    [b:booc3ed5]Multiple Domain Names[/b:booc3ed5]
    You can create auto responders on multiple domain names. For example, you can create an auto responder at [email protected] and another one at [email protected].

    [b:booc3ed5]Capture both, Name and E-Mail Address[/b:booc3ed5]
    When someone sends an e-mail to an auto responder, the script will capture both, the sender’s name and e-mail address. This way your follow up messags can be personalized with the subscriber’s name.

    [b:booc3ed5]Automatic Follow Ups[/b:booc3ed5]
    This is the heart of the Follow Up Mailing List Processor. You can define follow up settings for every mailing list which will send out the selected e-mail messages at different time intervals. For example, you could have follow up settings for a mailing list which will send out an e-mail message three days after a subscriber is added, then send out the second e-mail message four days later, and the third message two days after that.

    [b:booc3ed5]Easy to Manage[/b:booc3ed5]
    The Follow Up Mailing Processor allows you to manage easily all follow up settings for all mailing lists. There is a nice, easy to use interface which makes managing the follow up settings much easier. You can easily add a follow up setting just by entering the number of days to wait, and typing in new message.

    [b:booc3ed5]Personalized E-Mail Messages[/b:booc3ed5]
    One of the great features of the Follow Up Mailing List Processor is that the follow up messages, which are sent out, can very easily be personzlied with the subscribers information.

    [b:booc3ed5]One-Time Scheduled Mailings[/b:booc3ed5]
    You can even schedule one-time mailings with the Follow Up Mailing List Processor. This allows you to send an e-mail to everyone in a selected mailing list on the specifed date. All you have to do is specify a mailing list, date and type in the e-mail message.

    [u:booc3ed5]Here is a list of the key features:[/u:booc3ed5]
    * Uses MySQL for speed and reliability
    * Unlimited count of e-mail autoresponders and follow up messages
    * Installs on your web site or server for data security and 24 x 7 access
    * No monthly fees and no ads or banners in your messages
    * Create and run an unlimited number of autoresponders, each with an unlimited number of follow-up messages
    * Create plain text and HTML messages
    * Optional double opt-in per autoresponder
    * Customize your subscription confirmation pages to match your site
    * Create the time-sensitive offers
    * Send one time broadcasts to your entire subscriber list or selected groups – immediately or schedule for sending later
    * Multi-tasking – send multiple broadcasts at the same time
    * Receive a daily notification wich will inform you about your subscribers activity
    * Attach files to your messages – e-books, spreadsheets, PDF files, music, video, graphics
    * Different (personalized) subject line per follow-up message
    * Optional e-mail notification to you when someone subscribes or unsubscribes
    * Custom reply name and e-mail address per autoresponder
    * Real time dates
    * Automatic form HTML generator with on-screen form preview
    * Store an unlimited number of custom fields per subscriber and use these data in your follow-up and broadcast messages, subject lines, headers and footers
    * Powerful subscriber management system with search capability
    * Importing and exporting of prospects
    * Automatic capitalization of subscriber’s name
    * Automatic splitting of a name into the first and last names
    * Background processing of lengthy tasks to free up your browser. You can even log off and switch off your computer – the background tasks will continue until complete
    * E-mail notification to you of task results
    * Choice of SMTP or Sendmail for sending your messages
    * Clone an existing autoresponder
    * Import messages from one autoresponder to another
    * Test each autoresponder by sending it to your own e-mail address
    * On-screen preview of plain text, HTML follow-up and broadcast messages
    * Link tracking system
    * Loading templates for messages from plain text files
    * Integrated backup

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